Plastic City

by Wrong Tracks

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This album is for our families, friends, DCHC and Tenleytown.


released November 20, 2012

Over & Out is:
Tyler - Vocals
Lee - Guitar
Brendan - Guitar
Bill - Bass
Robin - Drums

Mixed and Mastered by Lee Kathenes
Recorded by Lee Kathenes and Guitars by Stephen Parsons

Plastic City was recorded at American University, Lee & Tyler's Apartment, And Stephen's Apartment as well.

Artwork By Tyler Osborne



all rights reserved


Wrong Tracks D.C.

DC Hardcore's Bastard Children.

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Track Name: Backwoods
Another girl falls down, animal picks her back up,
but with drink on her lips, no won’t be enough,
I’m feeling sick I’m feeling scared I don’t know where I should be
sinking into the floor and down onto to my knees

I try to figure out why I feel so cold
it’s probably cause my clothes are filled with holes
From all my wounds and misunderstandings
But I’d rather stitch myself up then buy into your nothing

Where were you when lines were drawn in the sand
with your morals at the wayside
Or did you take a stand
I’ve never claimed to know what’s right
What was out of focus, now is in plain…..sight

I never chose this path it was given to me
I walked alone through these backwoods
With no exit to see
I’m done with feeling anxious, I’m not giving up
Because nothing good ever came from not giving a

Track Name: Mouth
I don’t want to be your
Back end of another joke
I bring myself down too much
I don't need your help

When did it become okay
to look down upon me because I’m not the same
Run your mouth about our differences
Waste away just to fit in

Cause with every hazy story
And every half baked thought
The life you lead
Means nothing to me
And that will always be
your fault.

I don’t want to be your
Back end of another joke
I bring myself down too much
With you I’ve had enough

The difference between who we are and what we want to be are the choices we make. You can keep talking but you’ll always stay the same. Stay in your fucking basement and watch time fade.
Track Name: Scarred Back
I’d rather take a bullet to the head then
Than fall back into the same cycles again
peeling my hangnails while i'm waiting
For the day to come, my time's not done

I've pushed away and it’s not my fault
For once in my life seclusions not self taught
But as I pound my fist against the floor
No amount of self loathing settles the score

60 hours a week and nothing’s really changed
Except I get less sleep and I feel more estranged
From the outside world, do I want to be let in?
Or do I stay inside and go crazy again?

I was never crazy,

You can’t fucking erase me

I’m going to drive a nail through frontal lobe
so I forget all the reasons Im forgotten and alone
and put this back together with my family and my friends
So I don’t have to keep picking myself back up in the end

TTYC Where you at?

I don’t need your advice
If I want it I’ll ask you myself
this weight on my scarred back
I don’t need your help
Track Name: Hunch
One day I’ll find my place
One day I’ll find my faith
One day I’ll slow down
One day, Why not now
You are the song I hate
on my least favorite record,
skipping over and over again
telling me I can do better

Fighting an enemy that I can’t see
Becoming my fears so they don’t consume me
I’m drawn and quartered from every way
Pulling me a part every single day

My Own Self
My Own hell
I can’t see
My Eyes fool me

All of this is the same
Like I’m reading the same book but I lost the page
Where I come to termsand find some peace
Close my eyes and fall asleep

My own self
My own hell
I can’t see
My eyes fool me

Ive got a slight hunch from carrying others weight
I’m an emotional slave but I can’t even take
Control of my life, you just dont understand
Is that I’m fine on the outside, but really I’m scared

Of Losing myself around the people I love
Break myself down before I hurt someone else
I only care about those inside of this heart
and it’s grown smaller and smaller as I fall apart

One Day I’ll learn
That I deserve
A home to love
Not a house to burn

When Will I learn?
Track Name: Plastic City
You’re not fitting in when all you do
Go for the first band, than sit outside with your fumes
Your views are exclusive, and put me on the outs
That’s not what this is all about

We all found this scene cause we don’t fit in
But you’re trying too hard and it’s making me sick
For a city so diverse, you’re all the same
All this is high school, and you’re to blame

We’re politically correct
We’re scared to offend
But sometimes the things that hurt
Are what need to be said.

Open your mind before you open your mouth
You’re so apathetic, too cool is your crutch
We all don’t want to live the same way
So Go crawl back to your stupid fucking state.

The only thing deeper than the bags in my eyes
Is the hole I buried my expectations of you

I’m losing my head.